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Oct, 10, 16:19
Why can't Kizer throw the football
Oct, 10, 16:18
What a terrible punt
Oct, 10, 16:04
Schmidt pushed 15 yards down the field on that play
Oct, 10, 16:00
Guys, just watch Okwaar for one series and tell me what you honestly think
Oct, 10, 15:56
I get that we needed it there, but I've seen enough of Kizer keeps for this game. We cannot afford to risk another injury to QB
Oct, 10, 15:47
Max was actually in position that 2nd to the last run, then he stood there rather than taking on the Runer
Oct, 10, 15:46
He cant get to the edge
Oct, 10, 15:46
Joe Schmidt, no where to be seen.
Oct, 10, 15:45
How can Kizer look so bad at this stage? My 9 year old sister can make that pass to Luatua
Oct, 10, 14:28
Roll CALL for NAVY. Who's in the house?
Oct, 08, 21:06
Go Huskies!
Sep, 26, 18:58
Nyles Morgan is a savage
Sep, 26, 18:37
So we can assume Stanley's ok?
Sep, 26, 18:37
What's with Stanley?? I thought he came back in??
Sep, 26, 18:37
Gusy anyone hurt?
Sep, 26, 18:36
Guys - did anyon get hurt today? Thanks.
Sep, 26, 17:58
Sep, 26, 17:27
what is it if its not a ACL when you get rolled up in that exact way?
Sep, 26, 17:27
God I hope you guys are right. But he was down hard for a good minute.
Sep, 26, 17:25
and the way he was rolled up on looks EXACTLY like every other acl tera
Sep, 26, 17:25
No, there's a very legit chance he tore it. And I'm not beind a downer. He looked ok walking off but there was a limp. Some people play with ACL tears, you can certainly walk off
Sep, 26, 17:23
fuck us
Sep, 26, 17:23
hes limping. ACL's dont always mean you cant walk. usually people can walk off, but side to side stuff is over.
Sep, 26, 17:22
Yep, done for the year
Sep, 26, 17:21
Is simple jack calling the ND plays?
Sep, 26, 17:20
16 seconds left and you call a fucking QB keep
Sep, 26, 17:18
Kizer looks like shit
Sep, 26, 17:18
Kizer rally uses that pocket lol. Almost too much. He's going to get sacked a lot next weekend
Sep, 26, 16:58
Sep, 26, 16:57
I hvent seen every play
Sep, 26, 16:57
Serious QU - have we had any injuries so far?
Sep, 26, 16:41
can we go down the field?
Sep, 26, 16:32
Shummate couldn't cover Joe Schmidt.
Sep, 26, 16:29
Jesus I step out to get a beer and weve given up 7 points and Fuller catches one with his body leading to a pick. Any injuries to ND?
Sep, 26, 16:21
Kizer needs to sharpen up though. good td run, but hes been sloppy
Sep, 26, 16:19
im not saying sit CJ, but they should be spilitting these carries
Sep, 26, 16:19
philly we dont need to be up 20 to rush adams... we can score with him. i dont think the subs need to wait til were up big
Sep, 26, 16:18
its not like we cant move the ball with adams though.
Sep, 26, 16:18
WTF do we need ot run CJ so hard for? I'm going to get banned over my bitching about running CJ so much. He's GREAT, let's save him so we can have him agianst our big teams.
Sep, 26, 16:17
Well NDTH91 that just means you're usually right
Sep, 26, 16:16
I say run Brent because I seriously think he's a monster.
Sep, 26, 16:16
Anyone think that if Justin Brent got in there, he'd truck people on play one?
Sep, 26, 16:15
Sep, 26, 16:14
Good block by Tori. I really wana see Dexter. That man is fast.
Sep, 26, 16:13
Thank you
Sep, 26, 16:13
Why cant Tori Hunter play? God I love and hate this team so much lol
Sep, 26, 16:13
Jesus Christ, are we really going to burn CJ for 40 carries againt UMASS? Fucking dumb. Get the freshman meaningful reps... WE NEED THEM
Sep, 26, 16:12
Why is Kizer ALWAYS short?
Sep, 26, 16:11
touche OC
Sep, 26, 16:11
I like that Adams is in.


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