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Oct, 06, 20:47 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 16:02 IrishJayhawk
But there's a difference between thinking we got out-coached and thinking he should be fired.
Oct, 08, 16:01 IrishJayhawk
You have to use your timeouts. Too easy to fumble snaps.
Oct, 08, 16:00 IrishJayhawk
We should have won this game. I stand by the assertion that the game never should have been played. But we should have won either way.
Oct, 08, 15:58 IrishJayhawk
It was sunny for the Tulsa game.
Oct, 08, 15:57 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 15:56 IrishJayhawk
Oops...he's not getting fired.
Oct, 08, 15:56 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 15:54 IrishJayhawk
Shit show.
Oct, 08, 15:53 IrishJayhawk
There was no indication that someone should take the over.
Oct, 08, 15:51 IrishJayhawk
We run, we fumble. We pass, we can't hang on. Not sure what to do.
Oct, 08, 15:50 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 15:50 IrishJayhawk
Pass. Catch. Routine.
Oct, 08, 15:49 IrishJayhawk
Well...can't get closer than that.
Oct, 08, 15:48 IrishJayhawk
But they'd have to do their job.
Oct, 08, 15:44 IrishJayhawk
Why concede and go out?
Oct, 08, 15:43 IrishJayhawk
Not sure why you don't run that play with Kizer.
Oct, 08, 15:42 IrishJayhawk
It's not a straight on look.
Oct, 08, 15:42 IrishJayhawk
I don't think that view allows you to reverse.
Oct, 08, 15:42 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 15:41 IrishJayhawk
It's paint, not chalk.
Oct, 08, 15:41 IrishJayhawk
I don't see enough.
Oct, 08, 15:40 IrishJayhawk
Can you reverse it?
Oct, 08, 15:28 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 15:19 IrishJayhawk
We just don't run plays under center. It's not the offense.
Oct, 08, 15:15 IrishJayhawk
There have been a handful of near misses. But, as usual, I could be wrong.
Oct, 08, 15:13 IrishJayhawk
We'll complete one big one 10+ down field. But I think we need to commit more to the run, obviously.
Oct, 08, 15:11 IrishJayhawk
The read option hasn't worked. I'd take a few jet sweeps.
Oct, 08, 15:11 IrishJayhawk
We don't line up under center. But we need to run better.
Oct, 08, 15:07 IrishJayhawk
Can Daly throw some deep balls between his legs?
Oct, 08, 15:07 IrishJayhawk
We had numbers. He just couldn't get ther.e
Oct, 08, 15:03 IrishJayhawk
Jesus take the wheel.
Oct, 08, 15:03 IrishJayhawk
That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Oct, 08, 14:52 IrishJayhawk
I really think we're going to win. Going to break a run ...and I think we'll complete a big pass deep.
Oct, 08, 14:47 IrishJayhawk
The last 2 throws were actually better.
Oct, 08, 14:45 IrishJayhawk
Had time. Gotta tuck and run
Oct, 08, 14:43 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 14:39 IrishJayhawk
The splash was epic.
Oct, 08, 14:39 IrishJayhawk
Oct, 08, 14:37 IrishJayhawk
Keep that going.
Oct, 08, 14:37 IrishJayhawk
I like the QB runs.
Oct, 08, 14:36 IrishJayhawk
Irish Insanity. Where is he?
Oct, 08, 14:36 IrishJayhawk
This is insanity.
Oct, 08, 13:35 IrishJayhawk
More QB runs in the 2nd half. We're still in position to win this thing. But, man, the OL needs to start to win.
Oct, 08, 13:22 IrishJayhawk
Whatever the snapper has on his hands, put it on Kizer's hands.
Oct, 08, 13:20 IrishJayhawk
That's as quick a "quick hitter" as we have.
Oct, 08, 13:18 IrishJayhawk
Heh. I'll probably watch less football by then. Priorities are changing.
Oct, 08, 13:17 IrishJayhawk
Having a child affected my thoughts on that.
Oct, 08, 13:16 IrishJayhawk
Don't let it affect your whole day. It's not worth it.
Oct, 08, 13:15 IrishJayhawk
No reason we can't run with Kizer.


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