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Nov, 03, 21:24 OCIrish
Good evening Turtle
Nov, 03, 21:23 OCIrish
Anybody on???
Sep, 08, 20:00 OCIrish
Also, why is Houston Griffith playing here in crunch time?
Sep, 08, 19:32 OCIrish
Is anyone as turned off by Jeff Quinn and his OL as I am today???? Just not a big fan
Nov, 18, 18:36 OCIrish
I'm done......just fucking done with this shit show if a program. Why in God's green Earth us Jalen Elliot EVER on the field??? The kid is just awful
Nov, 18, 17:50 OCIrish
What a fucking embarrassment this team is becoming. Wimbush can't throw, the OL can't block, and the defense can't get it's ass off of the field
Nov, 18, 17:49 OCIrish
Welp......this team is back to sucking
Oct, 07, 18:59 OCIrish
I know it's his first start,but I'm not seeing all that much out of him
Oct, 07, 18:56 OCIrish
Way to stare down your WR........
Oct, 07, 18:00 OCIrish
What in the actual fuck is Book doing throwing the ball to Finke????
Sep, 24, 00:30 OCIrish
Not quite sure what that last play call was, bit it wasn't very good
Sep, 23, 23:01 OCIrish
Yes, they have, however, our defense has stepped up and made some plays tonight
Sep, 23, 22:57 OCIrish
They may here
Sep, 23, 22:48 OCIrish
Our zone is awful
Sep, 23, 22:42 OCIrish
As he should be!!!
Sep, 23, 22:41 OCIrish
Sep, 23, 22:40 OCIrish
Quit running the fucking screen passes!!!!!!
Sep, 23, 22:35 OCIrish
Let's put another 7 on the board!!!!
Sep, 23, 22:35 OCIrish
I love Crawford!!!! Kid is a baller!!!
Sep, 23, 22:33 OCIrish
Sep, 23, 22:32 OCIrish
How did we just give up 22 yds on 3 & 10???
Sep, 23, 22:23 OCIrish
I prefer Dantonio to Hairball, Liar, or that turd Happy Valley
Sep, 23, 22:22 OCIrish
Not yet
Sep, 23, 22:21 OCIrish
I don't mind Dantonio nearly as much as some of the other ass clowns in college football.
Sep, 23, 22:12 OCIrish
I hope it's not his shoulder
Sep, 23, 22:06 OCIrish
The screen game is something that has gone backwards
Sep, 23, 22:04 OCIrish
They are continuously pissing all over themselves
Sep, 23, 21:56 OCIrish
Need to keep feeding the run game
Sep, 23, 21:55 OCIrish
Amazing they can see that, but manage to miss the targeting on Wimbush
Sep, 23, 21:53 OCIrish
Coney should've dropped him for no gain
Sep, 23, 21:50 OCIrish
Riddick, is this an ACC crew or a B1G??
Sep, 23, 21:41 OCIrish
So sick of our DB's not EVER getting their fucking heads turned to find the ball
Sep, 02, 18:50 OCIrish
Have we had a screen pass work at all today???
Nov, 26, 18:55 OCIrish
Hey guys......still at work, are they still down 24-7???
Nov, 19, 19:55 OCIrish
They just are not coached well......at all. Unfortunately, this staff and it's offensive playcalling is God awful
Nov, 19, 19:42 OCIrish
Kelly cannot get out of South Bend fast enough.........this team is horribly coached
Nov, 19, 19:23 OCIrish
Play calling was outstanding as well......smh
Nov, 19, 19:23 OCIrish
Nice job by the OL on that drive
Nov, 19, 18:59 OCIrish
As long as everyone is calling for coaches heads......they can take fucking Hiestand with them. This OL is shit
Nov, 05, 15:37 OCIrish
I wouldn't
Nov, 05, 14:00 OCIrish
That's why I'm disappointed in the development of them. We need them to keep the defenses honest, especially the LB's
Nov, 05, 13:57 OCIrish
They've been missing that all season, and for the life of me, I don't understand
Nov, 05, 13:56 OCIrish
Nov, 05, 13:56 OCIrish
I'll be damned
Nov, 05, 13:52 OCIrish
What an embarrassment today. Just start the fucking buses and head for the airport
Nov, 05, 13:51 OCIrish
I'm soo disappointed in the development of the WR's and TE development this season
Nov, 05, 13:50 OCIrish
Have we completely forgotten how to throw to the TE???
Nov, 05, 13:49 OCIrish
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Gas
Nov, 05, 13:48 OCIrish
Huh.....good things happen when they run
Nov, 05, 13:46 OCIrish
3rd down......


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