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Sports cards—any collectors/investors?

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    Originally posted by vinnymac2402 View Post
    I’m having a hard time finding any cards at like Walmart, target, or Meijer for what ever reason they all seem sold out. I went to the card store at UP mall in Mishawaka but there prices were through the roof. I have probably 3 to 4 thousand cards. My boss told me about a website to go to catalog my cards and get a pretty accurate value for them. I will look tomorrow for the website and post it on here. I have a bunch of football and baseball with some hockey and basketball to round it out. Lots of rookie cards from the late 80’s and up
    I miss the card shows at UP mall.


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      Originally posted by Irishize View Post

      This has been the prominent case since the beginning of the pandemic. With folks stuck at home, they wanted something to do so they raided the shelves. While some were true collectors a huge group of “flippers” arose out of the demand. They would buy them up and sell them on eBay for double/triple/quadruple what they paid. Also, gamblers jumped on the bandwagon. With nothing to gamble on early in the pandemic, they started speculating sports cards. I suspect that has disappeared w/ sports gambling back online.

      Sadly, it’s not much of a kids’ hobby anymore. Adults ruin everything. I’ve heard of flippers cutting deals w/ the stockroom folks at Wal-Mart so they can be there when they’re putting product out. I’ve heard of flippers becoming friendly w/ the distributor who stocks Target so they can know when to be there. In some markets, Target has put a limit on how much one can buy due to the demand. You really just have to get lucky when you go by one of these outlets. I would recommend hitting up smaller towns where there’s less foot traffic.

      In the meantime, don’t buy the cards for the inflated prices online. You’ll end up being disappointed from what you get for your money & the flippers will keep on flipping. Like most things, this has created a bubble & the bubble will burst making the value of these cards a lot less (similar to the late 80s-early 90s ‘junk wax’ era). The hobby as a whole has “jumped the shark” b/c even “junk wax” boxes are selling for tons more at shows & online. Part of it was folks wanted something to open so the demand for stagnant junk wax went up. Then it became collectors buying “junk wax” in pursuit of a Jordan, Jeter Rookie or Griffey rookie that may grade out as a 10 from the grading services. I saw a dude buy 25 sets of 1989 Fleer specifically for the Griffey rookie. He actually pulled the Griffeys & gave the sets back to the dealer. That’s another result of the hoopla: the grading services are on a 6-12 month backlog.

      Best of luck finding some product! Sooner or later you will hit paydirt.
      I have that Griffey rookie card along with the whole set that you refer to. great insight and thank you.

      I have a dealer shop not too far from me. Was thinking about taking all my cards (truck needed, no joking) to see what price he wants. I have some gems in there too (I think) - Clemens rookie card being my favorite. I literally have like 5 Yaz signed cards (my dad’s favorite, named my brother “Yaz”). Probably not worth a penny but I also have a Dwight Evans signed game worn hat.

      When I played in Lewiston, ID. Dewey was our speaker. I took pop’s hat and he John Hancocked it for me. My other year playing in ID Scott Brosius was our speaker. Talk about a double whammy being a Sox fan.