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Conversation Between ulukinatme and ACamp1900
Showing Visitor Messages 31 to 40 of 75
  1. ACamp1900
    06-09-2015 01:56 PM
    The dog on the skateboard is exactly what we have in mind, a more full snout due to crossbreeding... I have already named this dog, if he ever comes along, UND (undie)... our take on "UGA"
  2. ulukinatme
    06-09-2015 01:54 PM
    Check this out: http://redwhiteandbulldogs.com/engli...-fact-fiction/

    There's some videos on Youtube of Bulldogs swimming, but they tend to be brief swims and most of the dogs don't look comfortable. They can learn, but their back legs and short neck/head make it hard to propel the chunky bodies and keep the head above water.
  3. ulukinatme
    06-04-2015 03:08 PM
    The perspective is the same, 2D isometric, but Fallout 1 and 2 combat was turn based. Every turn you had x number of action points, and actions points could be used to either move, attack, or do both (If you had enough). It was pretty gory like Diablo though, some of the deaths were bad ass. The melting plasma effect was always my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMLbEAxjzj8
  4. ACamp1900
    06-04-2015 12:43 PM
    Fallout 1 and 2 were more like Diablo right??
  5. ulukinatme
    06-03-2015 08:59 PM
    I'll leave it at that then with the open world discussion. If you ever do give Fallout another go I'd say try out New Vegas instead of 3. I like 'em all, but New Vegas gives you more freedom when it comes to doing stuff as far as good or bad. You can join a bunch of convicts and help them take over, or help round them up, or play both sides a bit. Lots of options, and the fact you can wear different faction armors and help multiple different factions makes things interesting. You can play the game different each time essentially, adds to the replay factor.
  6. ACamp1900
    06-03-2015 07:19 PM
    Respond to your last post here so we don't muddy the thread more... But I'll take your word for it on FO games be generally open as I only played FO3... 3 definitely isnt open like other games mentioned are though... Or at least doesn't play like it is... Honestly the thing I liked most about FO3 would probably be the music... That was kick ass.
  7. ulukinatme
    06-03-2015 05:40 PM
    Also, Fallout ghouls are just zombies that can run at you, they're not like the George Romero slow movers
  8. ulukinatme
    06-03-2015 05:39 PM
    You know, New Vegas had a very wild west/cowboy feeling, just in a Fallout setting. Lots of guns were added like lever action rifles, repeaters, and revolvers, not to mention the added attire like cowboy hats and dusters. No lassos though or horses...but I do love Red Dead Redemption.
  9. ACamp1900
    06-03-2015 05:16 PM
    It definitely comes down to I liked the "world/setting" more for the other games (I'm more into the wild west, zombies or even ES, of which I usually dont' like, more than nuclear waste land), and didn't like the map of FO3 too much... I def recognize the greatness of the series, even from teh one game.
  10. ACamp1900
    06-03-2015 05:12 PM
    I don't dislike it though, I 'enjoyed' it... but far less than the other games... it was just 'good'... I'm def not hating... many your fanboyism makes that hard to see...

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