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08-28-2007, 10:30 AM
Which teams do you see as real SB contenders this year? Which ones are just going through the motions? Thoughts are encouraged.

NFC East
Contenders- Cowboys, Eagles
Pretenders- Giants and Skins.

Eagles will become pretenders if McNabb cant stay healthy again, as they have no bigtime playmakers on offense outside of him. Cowboys will fall if Terrance Newman cant fully recover. Giants could become contenders if they rally around Manning and he explodes like he never has before. The Skins...need a new coach. The game has passed Joe Gibbs by.

NFC South
Contenders- Saints
Pretenders- Buccs, Falcons, Panthers

Bad overall division, but man, the Saints can be explosive. I feel that they played off a lot of emotion last year and they wont be as unstoppable this season, but theyll still run away with it. The Panthers always get overrated and fall short. Delhomme hasnt really been the outstanding QB people thought he was since the super bowl.

NFC North
Contenders- daaaaaaaaaa Bers
Pretenders - NFC north

The Bears really ARE who we think they are this year. I had to pick a division winner, but really this division blows. Sexy Rexy will be the downfall of daaaa BERS( I love saying that) in the first round and theres no way the Pack will win a wildcard spot. Everyone else is too young and inexperienced. Calvin Johnson cant save the Lions until they stop drafting WRs every year and actually start building a team.

NFC West
Contenders - 49ers, Seahawks, Rams
Pretenders - Cards

Best overall division in the NFC as almost everyone will have a shot at winning the division and/or a wildcard spot. Even the Cards will be good this year, methinks.

AFC East
Contenders - Pats, j-e-t-s
Pretenders - Bills, Dolphins

I think the Bills are close. Marshawn Lynch really can change a game and they could easily move up into contention, but the Pats and Jets are quite a bit better than the lower two teams in this division. I wonder how much of an effect Randy Moss will have. Personally, I think he's a bit less of the player he was before Oakland, so his impact will be minimal, but he does come to a really complete team. Pats are SERIOUS SB contenders. Mangini and the J-E-T-S Jets jets jets were media darlings last year, so they have momentum and get some style points.

AFC South
Contenders- Colts, Titans
Pretenders - Texans, Jags

The Jags always seem to be on the cusp of being a great team again, but man, the Colts really hamstring them. I debated dropping the Titans, but I think Vince Young is a big X-factor.

AFC North
Contenders - Steelers, Ravens, Bengals
Pretenders - Browns

The telling year for Big Ben. He was surrounded by monumental talent in the super bowl year, and last year was horrible following the accident. I think this year is where we see what kind of pro he will be in his career. The Ravens and Bengals both have really good sides of the ball, one on O, one on D. This is the best division in the AFC.

AFC West
Contenders - Chargers, Broncos
Pretenders - Chiefs, Raydas

You cant bet against LT and win many times. You cant bet FOR the Raydas and WIN many times either. Makes this an easy pick. Chiefs werent good last year and now theyre going to start their backup? Yikes. And waiting behind him is a rookie who wasnt an outstanding college player? Yikes again. Broncos will be good because of the Mile high factor.

08-28-2007, 05:09 PM
Good job Clearwall. I agree with most of them but the Titans. Even though I would like to see them do well (Big Vince Young Fan) but I am afraid of a sophmore slump.

No I'm not a Titan fan. Check the star...

08-28-2007, 05:36 PM
I'm a titans fan but I'm thinking you may be right about the sophmore slump.

08-28-2007, 07:44 PM
Pretenders - Bills, Dolphins

I think the Bills are close. Frank Gore really can change a game and they could easily move up into contention

How does Frank Gore correlate with the Bills? Frank is a member of the 49ers.

Marshawn Lynch, the RB from Cal, is our starter.

08-29-2007, 12:12 AM
Ah, brain fart there, sorry. I was typing this while working, forgive me. I meant Lynch.

Anyway, about Young, I wouldnt worry too much about the slump. Look at Vick, a similar style QB in his second year--set career records all around and made a pro bowl. I think you can avoid a lot of immaturity and inexperience as a QB being as mobile as those guys are. Plus, after the Titans got some suspended and injured guys back towards the end of the year, they really finished strong. They may not win that division, but they will at least contend for a playoff spot.