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05-04-2007, 08:33 AM
Is it too early to start booing??? I wish he can throw the ball over the plate every once in a while...

05-04-2007, 11:16 AM
Yea I really don't know what to think right now. All of his outings have so far been unimpressive in the light of his hype. I don't think we can start questioning things as of yet, I will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he is still transitioning to the American style of ball. I hope that he isn't trying to hard as the Sox O can makeup for a mistake here and there, but he does need to become much more consistant to warrant his pay. I hope he turns it around, I'd love to see him come out and throw a completely dominating game to get his confidence going, he needs it.

05-04-2007, 11:29 AM
Who would have thought though going into the season that Beckett would be dwarfing Dice-K with his outings? Atleast we have one pitcher that has been a shut down pitcher.

05-04-2007, 11:31 AM
I tell you that mid reliever has been showing some things also. Okijama (or something). This guy is dominant as a set up guy. Beckett will be the ace in the years to come...

05-04-2007, 11:51 AM
Oh for sure, I couldn't have come away more impressed with Okajima after that save in the first yank game, that was an incredible display of balls going after some of the best in the business and closing out one of the most important games of that kid's life.

As for Beckett, absolutely, he has learned about the AL last year and is really showing his stuff this year. I really hope he can go 8-0 to tie the Babe, that would be a very cool accomplishment.

05-04-2007, 03:26 PM
Tough break, Timlin is on the 15..

Snyder will need to step it up. Bring up Declaremen?

05-04-2007, 03:50 PM
Yea I was a little upset when I heard Timlin was down again, however, it wasn't as bad as the beginning of the season when Paps was the only one I had any faith in when it came to the pen. Donnelly and Okajima have really stepped it up, and our starters are really going deep into games now, so thats huge for us. I am hoping that maybe Lester gets brought up in Timlin's absence even if its just a 15 day trial period. I loved the way that kid pitched last year, he really has a promising career in Boston.

05-04-2007, 05:53 PM

05-06-2007, 06:03 PM
Wow...with the three equal signs in there that must mean its definitely true.

05-10-2007, 10:50 AM
Ok the Dice man showed up yesterday let's just hope he stays consistent.
He had good command when he had a runner on base for a change. Let's hope he keeps it up.

(Just like a Sox fan, heh? Never satisfied...)

05-10-2007, 11:11 AM
The thing that worries me the most about Daisuke is his control. He seems to walk a ton of hitters which gets you into trouble fast. I heard somewhere that he and Veritek were not seeing eye to eye on things such as what pitch to throw when and how to approach batters after they have seen Daisuke already. Lets hope that is just a little bump in the road and they come together and work on getting quality starts. I have faith in Tek though, definitely one of the best cathers in the game behind the plate calling a game. Hopefully Daisuke comes around and sees that and the two of them become dominant in the near future.

05-10-2007, 11:16 AM
It will take time for the two to start clicking. If I don't see consistancy soon then I will start screaming.

Hey Manny is picking it up!!! Man looking at things right now we are going to be tough to beat if everyone stays healthy.

05-10-2007, 11:38 AM
Oh for sure, the Sox look really good this year, and we don't even have Lester anchoring that 5 spot. I am really high on that kid, he looked incredible last year and after fighting through what he had to fight through to get back I have no doubt this kid is as strong as they come. Sox are definitely poised for a deep run into the postseason.