View Full Version : Sox take the series over KC

04-05-2007, 05:22 PM
4-1 Sox win

Matsuzaka(1-0) gets the win with 7 innings pitched/ 10Ks/ 6 hits/ 1HR/ 1 walk
Papelbon gets the save with 2Ks in the 9th

Lugo showed some improvement at the plate, Papi and Varitek continue to struggled a bit, Manny seemed to find his comfort zone at the plate, Drew continued to make Theo look like a geinus, Pedroia is looking like a rookie of the year canidate, Lowell was consistent as always, and the bullpen looked GREAT!!! and Matsuzaka looks like he was worth the $$$.

Just another Ho Hum victory on our way to the World Series

04-05-2007, 05:39 PM
I listened to as much of the game as I could on XM, I do have to pretend that I do some work throughout the day. From what I heard, Matsuzaka was lights out, I can't tell you how happy I am that he had a great showing in his first start. I really do think he is capable of a 20 win season. Paps looks like good ole Paps there in the pen, completely shutting down the Royals in the 8th.

Drew does look awesome at the plate, I love that he is showing up all the critics saying he was a bum and is only in it for the money, lets just hope he continues this all year.

Pedroia does look like a ROY canidate. He is solid with the glove and looks like he is comfortably at the plate, which is a plus since I don't think the Sox were expecting this much from his this soon.

It will be fun to watch the Sox dominate this year while the ride the arms of Beckett and Daisuke to another World Series. Yankee fans should prepare themselves now to battle for the Wild Card.