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Worst. Call. Ever.

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Well, except perhaps for the phantom personal foul on Laws. I’ll have more on the game, and our trip to Palo Alto, later this weekend. For now, I’ll let a picture serve as a stand-in for what could very well be a thousand words:

(HT: KamaraPolice.)

[UPDATE: Check out Jeff Carroll's hysterical attempt to be diplomatic:

In the third quarter, the Irish again appeared to take the advantage, this time on a spectacular catch by junior wide receiver David Grimes. Grimes laid out parallel to the ground to snare a throw from quarterback Jimmy Clausen, and appeared to hang onto the football, holding it in the air as he slid across the turf.

However, officials decided upon review that the ball had touched the ground at some point during the catch, though it seemed difficult to detect on the replays shown on the ESPN broadcast.

"Appeared to hang on ... officials decided ... at some point ... seemed difficult to detect ..." LMAO. Well done, Jeff.]

[ANOTHER UPDATE: More here and here.]

[ONE LAST UPDATE: Here's home video of the incident, Zapruder Film-style:

The crowd reaction at the end pretty much gets it right.]