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Monday, October 8th, 2007

“What makes you think that the Irish defense can stop UCLA to 8 points? We will have atleast 20+ points in this game. You should think before you post.”

“Now to keep the game in perspective, UCLA will get a blowout win.”

“I hope Olsen doesn’t get a big head from this win, after all it’s only ND.”

“Zero change of an upset here imo. Trust me, the Bruins returning from last year didn’t forget about that loss to ND in South Bend. This one can get ugly by halftime.”

“If we lose this game, this will be the upset of ages.”

Ah, famous last words, ESPN message board style. A bit uncharacteristic of a University that can boast the three wise Bruins:

See no evil (even though he’s peeking):

Hear no evil (or maybe he’s depressed thinking about how this guys hat is crooked):

Speak no evil:

Immediately after the game clock (not to be mistaken with the South Carolina Gamecock) expired, I began to hear a distant chanting growing louder and louder as it approached my end of the hallway. Proudly marching, the residents of Keenan Hall were storming up and down every floor chanting “Stonehenge. Stonehenge. Stonehenge.” And to Stonehenge we marched. And by marching I mean running around like idiots screaming at the top of our lungs.

Joining what I gander to be at least 250 other students running around like idiots and screaming out the remnants of our severely battered lungs, we chanted and cheered as the cool water of Stonehenge cooled us on a hot and humid night.

But we wouldn’t let a little fun and celebration get in the way of reminding ourselves that we must prepare to welcome Fredo and the waitlisters next week and “Beat BC.”

Those who had not already passed out from (a) screaming, (b) slipping and hitting one’s head at Stonehenge, (c) cheap beer or (d) any combination of the preceding preceded our triumphant march onto the Reflection Pool in front of the Word of Life to resound the Alma Mater before erupting again into cheer and chant.

Sure, we know the offensive playcalling can be ineffective at times, we know our quarterback holds on a little long every now and then, we know our offensive line has trouble run blocking. But this is our team, and this is our victory, and nothing is going to stop us from enduring sun burns, thunderstorms and rainstorms, or unbearable wind chills to fill up the stadium, scream loudly and proudly, and support the University of Notre Dame.