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Talk of the Town

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

A bit more than a month ago, just before Notre Dame’s season opener against Georgia Tech, NBC’s John Walters posed the following question:

Will freshman wide receiver Golden Tate emerge as a cult favorite, inspiring a freshman cheering section who dub themselves “Golden Taters” and toss Ore-Ida crispers after each score?

From what I’ve heard this hasn’t happened quite yet, though a recent opinion piece in the Observer - written last week, while Tate was merely “our best young kick returner,” and not yet college football’s hottest young commodity - does include in its byline the suggestion that “Golden Taters” should become a staple at ND’s dining halls. (No word on that one either.)

In any case, there’s no doubt that Golden’s been on our minds: based on a quick glance over the transcripts from Charlie Weis’s Sunday and Tuesday press conferences, I see at least six questions dealing specifically with Tate, and a quick spin on Google reveals 99 news articles and 20 blog posts that talk about the superstar frosh - all of these since Monday.

That Tate has become a hit should hardly come as a surprise to any of the nearly 20,000 people who have watched his high school highlight video.

Put all of this together and there’s reason to think that Golden Tate, and not George West, is the diminutive Irish receiver soon to be a household name.

While we’re on the subject of names, though, let me just go on the record as saying that while “Golden Boy” is definitely okay, it’s been done - more than once, in fact - and so I’d prefer something more along the lines of “Jumpman23” or even “His Airness,” though if it turns out that Adidas won’t allow those, I could definitely live with busting out a classic once again.

But all of this hype pales in comparison to what the kids at Keough Hall are up to:

I mean, you can’t be an Irish legend until you’ve been immortalized on a bestselling t-shirt, right? At present they’re available for 15 bucks via Facebook, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the parking lot a week from Saturday. Nearly 80 have been ordered already, and it’s hard to imagine that there’s a ceiling on how many of these could be sold when all is said and done.

In any case, freshmen of Notre Dame, I think it’s time to make Walters’s prediction come true.

Available at a Meyer near you, while supplies last.
Just make sure to defrost them first - we don’t want anyone to lose an eye.

Konrad Reuland is leaving Notre Dame

Monday, September 24th, 2007

After rumors began to surface yesterday evening that sophomore tight end Konrad Reuland, currently #3 on ND’s depth chart at his position behind senior John Carlson and fellow sophomore Will Yeatman, was going to transfer from ND, they were quickly squelched as just that - rumors - and some even reported to have positive evidence of their falsity. Things looked a bit bleaker this morning, though, as an Eric Hansen article in the South Bend Tribune quoted Reuland as saying last night that “I’ve still got a lot to think about,” and suggested that an answer would be forthcoming today.

Apparently that was accurate, as a current headline on Irish Illustrated announces that Reuland is in fact leaving the team, a report apparently confirmed by the same source who denied it yesterday:

the same source that told me yesterday he wasn’t leaving told me today he’s left. … It’s a small school (source didn’t say where) , but he wants to play in the pac10 next year so he’s going D2 im assuming or D3.

This last remark - that Reuland will transfer to a Division II or III school for the rest of this academic year and then enroll at a school in the Pac 10 for 2008 (he was recruited by both USC and Stanford out of high school) - seems to square with the rest of what’s being said. It’s perhaps worth noting that Konrad’s brother Warren, a senior in high school, is currently committed to Stanford as a wide receiver.

Obviously this loss hurts the Irish, though clearly Reuland isn’t the WORST person who might have left the team. Tight end is a position of real strength for the Irish, with Carlson and Yeatman ahead of Reuland on the chart, freshman Mike Ragone behind him, and five-star senior Kyle Rudolph committed to enroll next year. Nevertheless, Reuland’s talents will surely be missed, both this year and on down the line.

Best of luck to Konrad - who has apparently handled all of this with real maturity - wherever he ends up. ND’s youth movement just got a little younger.

[UPDATE: The SB Tribune is on it now, with this quote from Weis:

After meeting with Konrad Reuland on Sunday, he has decided he will leave the team and withdraw from Notre Dame. I appreciate all Konrad has done for Notre Dame, and I wish him nothing but the best.

HLS and SI have the story up as well, and so does Subway Domer.

One more thought, though: if ND applies the same standard to Reuland as they did to Demetrius Jones, then he won't be allowed to transfer to either Stanford or USC, since both of those schools are scheduled to play the Irish from now until eternity.]